Somalia: Former Al-Shabaab Deputy Leader Mukhtar Roobow Surrenders to Somali Government

by Garsoor | Sunday, Aug 13, 2017 | 263 views

BAIDOA (Horn Observer) Former deputy Shabab leader Muktar Roobow aka Abu Mansuur surrendered to the Somali government on Sunday, after several weeks of intense self defense fight against the Shabaab that claimed at least 20 people, officials and residents said.

“Sheikh Mukhtar Roobow and dozens of his followers arrived in Hudur and met with the Somali minister of Defense.” Residents and local media reported.

The surrender of Sheikh Mukhtar Robow Abu Mansuur follows after The U.S. State Department in consultation with the Federal Government of Somalia removed from Rewards for Justice Listing, which angered the Shabab.

Heavily armed fighters from Al-Shabaab launched an attack on the main hideout of Abu-mansur in Bakol region, southwest Somalia in recent days, but encountered a strong resistance from his loyalists in the area. At least 20 people were killed the week long fight in Bakool region. But Abu Mansur and his followers have reportedly retreated from Abal village, where Abu Mansur was based.

However, the South West state of Somalia said on Saturday that it provided a military support to former defected leader from Al-Shabaab. The military support included reinforcement soldiers and ammunition, after delegates led by minister of security in South-West administration met Mukhtar Robow Abu-Mansor in his stronghold near Hudur town in Bakol region where local militias are battling Al-Shabaab militants who are willing to kill or capture the defected leader.

Shiine Moalin Nuurow, commander of the armed forces of South West State of Somalia reached Abal village on Saturday to back Abu Mansur and his supporters in the fight against the Shabab. “Hundreds of clan militias dug in trenches in the hills of Abal village and its surroundings to defend any attack from Al-Shabaab” Omar Abdi, a resident in the town of Hudur said.

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Mohamed Abdi contributed reporting from the Netherlands


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