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Before I start writing something about this topic (Problems after graduation) I would like to explain briefly myself, my name is Abdullahi Mohamed I was born in Bal ‘Ad District middle Shebelle region of Somalia I did my schooling in Mogadishu, I am a professionally qualified and graduated in public administration program at Mogadishu University in May 2017.

After graduation my life became more complicated, in general I hated being unemployed and unemployment is the major reason that my life became complicated.

I applied more than eight job opportunities but I did not get these jobs, I tried to know why I did not get these jobs, I asked some of my friends and family members, some of them told me that I don’t have much experience and others told me that manipulation and corruption that exist in Somali recruitment system is the reason why I did not get these opportunities, in short they told me that lack of experience and support is the major reasons.

I have faced many problems after graduation and one of these problems is not getting jobs and the cause of this problem is: There is no work experience in my resume, it is not enough to simply earn a university degree. Most of the time just telling a potential employer that you have a certain degree won’t automatically get you the job. Employers want to see that a new graduate also has experience in the workforce.

Internships are a great way to gain hands-on experience while you are still in college. Interns generally work for a company in the field they would like to work in after graduation. Some students complete an internship every summer of their university career, or complete multiple internships over one or more school years. Internships not only give the student experience, but also potential references, which are necessary when applying for a new job.

Steady part-time work will show a potential employer that you are able to hold a job.

It will show that you understand what it means to work, to be a part of a team and to be responsible. You may also earn usable references from your part-time job as well.

The most favorable solution of this problem is to find an internship or a part time job before graduation. Another problem I have faced is my degree did not give me marketable skills, it is of the utmost importance that other skills are acquired while you are majoring in a subject you love to study.

By selecting a second major or minor in a field that is a bit more practical, you will make better your chances of finding a job after graduation. If you are an Art or English major perhaps you can also study graphic design, web design, or marketing to increase your skill set. This will open up more job opportunities after graduation

You will be able to combine your talents, along with your marketable skill set, to land a great job.

Abdullahi Mohamed Mohamud

Mogadishu university Alumni and Unicef Somalia intern

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